Ever After High Content and Asset Guides

Project Details

The scope of this project was broad, and we enjoyed the process of immersing ourselves fully in the brand. The major phases included: (1) generating new brand assets, (2) designing a content guide for third-party publishers, and (3) creating an asset guide as an index for all 2014 brand assets.

Ever After High is one of those smart, secretly-educational children's properties, the entertainment equivalent of hiding puréed carrots in macaroni and cheese. The narrative revolves around the students, faculty, and staff at the titular high school, all of whom are related to fairytale or mythological characters and have appropriately punny names and abilities (e.g., Ashlynn Ella—daughter of Cinderella—with an uncontrollable shoe obsession, or C.A. Cupid—daughter of Eros—with her powers of persuasion).


Designed at Clever Creative


Photography and Image Manipulation
Illustration and Lettering
Page Layout and Design


Moodboard and Asset Creation

The established look of EAH has a collage-like feel, layering a variety of textures, patterns, and decorative elements to create a whimsical, scrapbook look. We constructed 3D moodboards with distinct themes to guide the process of asset creation, then set to work collecting vintage curios, fabric embellishments, and anything else we could manipulate—either digitally or by hand—to make proprietary to the brand.

Content and Asset Guides

The guides were designed to prioritize legibility while maintaining the colorful, layered look of the brand. The pages appear to be watercolor-stained parchment paper layered over pink-and-purple damask fabric. The printed version was bound by hand by Bella Betiato.