AIGALA Stationery and Promotional Art

Project Details

As the Agency of Record for AIGA Los Angeles, Clever was responsible for creating both digital and printed promotional artwork for nearly all chapter events. We enjoyed an enormous amount of creative freedom with these projects, and it was an honor to design for an organization that supports and unites the creative industry.


AIGA Los Angeles
Designed at Clever Creative


Stationery Design
Print and Digital Promotions
Style Guide Development


Officers received updated correspondence stock and business cards, which featured a design-related quote of their choice on the back.

Print and Digital Promotions

Click on the images below for a description of the event and details about the design.


One of our objectives with the holiday promotion was to reduce the likelihood of our greeting getting lost in the seasonal onslaught. We used large, loud type and added value by including something fun and useful: a downloadable, letter-sized sheet of printable gift tags, including options for secret-Santa and white-elephant gift exchanges.  The tags are available to download here.

Chapter Style Guide

Event promotions appeared on the chapter website and social media accounts and were produced as posters. We developed templates for the variety of image sizes and established standards for formatting the information, then compiled those resources into a style guide.